DirectMii phone app

Know Your Way

Current clients

NetWork rail (wirral line closure)

In Life

Get In, Around and Out of Buildings

In railway stations

Find your Platform

Current clients

Liverpool city council

In Hotels

Find your way around and don't get lost

In The City

directions between offices or out in an emergency

In Shopping centers

Find your way around and do a little shopping

In Airports

Find your departure gate or a place to eat

For travelling

In your language

In hospital

Find your clinic or ward

Public Event

Use at a festival, summer fete or carnival

Current Clients

Wirral Council

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one stop shop


 One Stop Shop

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The idea

There must be a way to bring evacuation into the digital era.

New ideas are abound... Lets see what is actually possible

Evac advisor



People, businesses and fire and rescue was our first port of call. Free app, easy plan creator and low cost drive the project. Thanks to our young deaf active workers

Deaf active team



Issues, barriers and problems identified. Solutions, solutions and solutions all wrapped up in a phone app. Now raise the capital and get things moving forward.

Access and evacu8



Trials and test, bugs and glitches all part of the process. New enhancements,ideas and up-grades are our next steps after the reviews

Glow media app creators

How it all began, an insight

Meet the team behind the idea


Ged is a Ex- local authority disability access and equalities office.Ged As CEO and director of Directmii, Ged is responsible for the strategy and growth of the company.  


A accessible society.


Ged was responsible for emergency evacuation of disabled people policy and works closely with a diverse array of disability groups



Good at talking.. So am told


Meeting people, changing attitudes and hoping to creating a diverse positive society


Director and co-founder. Responsible for concept and realising a technology platform, products and services. Tony has worked on accessibility projects for mobile phone application worldwide


Addressing isolation and creating real equality of opportunity ethos that positively celebrates the diversity of the people and strives for the fundamental right to an accessible environment and inclusive society for all


Access officer working primarily with young disable people and families. Trustee with citizens advice and a charity who focus is around deaf young people

Tony Rice Ged Smyth