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NetWork rail (wirral line closure)

In Life

Get In, Around and Out of Buildings

In railway stations

Find your Platform

Current clients

Liverpool city council

In Hotels

Find your way around and don't get lost

In The City

directions between offices or out in an emergency

In Shopping centers

Find your way around and do a little shopping

In Airports

Find your departure gate or a place to eat

In hospital

Find your clinic or ward

Public Event

Use at a festival, summer fete or carnival

Current Clients

Wirral Council

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Business Login

Charity and not for profit support scheme

We believe in a fair and open society and that disabled and non-disabled people have the right to be considered in the same manor and respect. This also includes emergency evacuation from a building and the EvacU8Me app is a giant leap forward in that direction that promotes inclusion, diversity and has a positive social impact.

A very important aspect of the app is the consultation with disabled people and support/ not for profit organisation can bring to the development. Our close links drive this agenda and with financial help this can be expedited at no risk or cost to the support organisation.

Access and Evacu8 are pleased to announce the the new partnership program with disability charities and support organisations to raise awareness of the positive features of the app working towards a more diverse and inclusive society.

The App is  released on a free basis with a feature rich enhanced version available for a fee of £2.99, with 100% of the profits from this sale going to a selectable range of charities and not for profit organisations.

This has been welcomed by many groups as an excellent fund-raising opportunity that gives a much needed financial injection of unrestricted funds. As this is a global product, charities from each country benefit from the income generated in that country.

If you are interested in becoming a strategic charity/support organisation (who are a not for profit) partner please drop us an e-mail.

See Below for details of our Charity and not for profit strategic partners

Charities and not for profits, Win-Win

Welcome to the Deaf Active:

Deaf Active is located in Liverpool, Merseyside and has been running since May 2008. We have forever strengthening links with regional Deaf and mainstream youth service provision in the boroughs of Merseyside and the North West. It is an extremely popular service with Deaf children and young people in attendance, Children of Deaf Adults and hearing siblings and friends, from all over the Merseyside region. We are active in every sense of the word by providing full access to traditional and non-traditional sporting activities

Make a Donation

Deaf Active Relies Heavily On Donations In Order To Sustain The Valuable Work That Takes Place Every Day.

Please Donate To Deaf Active By Clicking below,

Our Charity strategic partners are:  Deaf Active