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Know Your Way

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NetWork rail (wirral line closure)

In Life

Get In, Around and Out of Buildings

In railway stations

Find your Platform

Current clients

Liverpool city council

In Hotels

Find your way around and don't get lost

In The City

directions between offices or out in an emergency

In Shopping centers

Find your way around and do a little shopping

In Airports

Find your departure gate or a place to eat

In hospital

Find your clinic or ward

Public Event

Use at a festival, summer fete or carnival

Current Clients

Wirral Council

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Three systems in one app

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 One Stop Shop

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Business Login

Business Login

Huge return for a small investment

QR code links

Direct links to plans via QR code, WiFi and Internet

IOS users


Additional aid for emergency evacuation

Swallow EMP


Digital pictorial guides and text instruction with directional floor arrows



First digital internal way finding and directorial guides



Family, friends and associates can either be disabled or non disabled  

Charities benefit

Benefits for Business & The Purple Pound

The spending power of disabled people has come to be known as the disability pound or the purple pound, this is a under estimated market sector for new potential buying customers

Commonly referred to as the purple pound, the combined spending power of disabled people in the UK is £80 billion a year and 212 billion pound net value to the economy,

The Government guide Growing your customer base to include disabled people has been in operation now for nearly two years and has helped small and medium sized business tap into the purple pound

Inclusive society

There are now over 11 million disabled people in the UK today which is around 19% of the population. This equates to a lot of clout for the purple pound. We have a practical guide for businesses which gives common sense and often low-cost solutions, which can make a big difference to a disabled customer.

Research shows that there are two main barriers to SMEs focusing on disabled customers. One is being unaware of how they could boost their sales and profits by making their business more attractive to disabled customers. The second is fear and discomfort with disability, coupled with a narrow understanding of access, and confusion about what is meant by reasonable adjustments

Users UI Business Cloud Management UI

Trident Approach

Our three stage operations include personal user access, business cloud interface and and background support systems from ourselves.


  • business insurance reducing liabilities under The Equalities Act
  • standardisation of egress plans across many different buildings and countries
  • head office and human resources monitoring facility of policy implementation for evacuation plans
  • Fire and Rescue Service remote assessments with notifications
  • comparison data between enhanced app users and loyalty cards to indicate visits and purchasing habits
  • digital way-finding and directional pictorial signage
  • push notification service
  • web based system off site and on need to access businesses own secure systems or network

DirectMii Cloud Dashboard

Our dashboard is a web based interface where you can view and manage different information related your plans and directional routes.

Our system is an inter-reactional based full management system that can be operated on the go from a phone, tablet, laptop or from an office desktop, in fact any device with Internet access.  

It includes a My data/ statistics page, My people and asset control section and My building management tool.

My Date & Statistics:
DirectMii cloud interface allows for the collection of user data. This information is compiled to create reports about the behaviour and tendencies of the visitors of a building.

My People and Asset Control:
A valuable Tool to manage people (crowd notifications) and assets which allows you to know the position of people in real time. Graphic reports on people movement and dwell times with flow video of pinch points/ bottlenecks and the free movement of crowds.

Also as this is live information is can be used by fire and rescue services to locate and prioritise their actions around vulnerable people and with the integration of our additional app give feedback to confined and trapped people.

My Building Management:
Tool that allows you to create geo-located marketing campaigns attached to specific areas and promotions. Offer reductions and incentives that would draw customers to less used areas and also provide an information portal on levels of operations, queues and service levels (eg, which services are quite and have less waiting time)

People Movement and Flow Ratios

Showing how people move as a crowd and how ‘pinch’ points and bottle necks affect the flow  out of a building

For Businesses

INDOOR NAVIGATION,  Find places and things with map directions.  Reduce time wasted and frustration with  helpful location-based content and pictorial route guides  along the way.Statistical and Analytical Data,Who goes where? And when??  track visitors, with no need for them to install an app.  Find out about dwell time, repeat visits, frequency of visits and more


By tracking the wifi-enabled devices that people may already carry (such as mobile phones), and attaching small bluetooth tags to the internal environments, a network of wirelesss sensors passively monitors people and devices as they move around.

Also An inertial navigation system (INS) is a navigation aid that uses  motion sensors (accelerometers) and rotation sensors (gyroscopes) to continuously calculate via dead reckoning the position, orientation, and velocity (direction and speed of movement) of a moving object without the need for external references.

Wi-Fi positioning system (WPS) or WiPS/WFPS is used where GPS  inadequate due to various causes including multipath and signal blockage indoors. Such systems include indoor positioning systems. Wi-Fi positioning takes advantage of the rapid growth in the early 21st century of wireless access points in urban areas.

Multi Sensor Triangulation