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Safety-Key Document Management System

Safety-Key International Health and Safety (Evacuation) Document Management system

Safety-Key systems has its origins in The Netherlands and was developed for the Royal Dutch Navy, maritime and off shore oil industry. It is based on ISO standards, underwritten by Europe commission.

ALESSIE Lifetime Q Safety Management system ISOO 9001. SEC is a recognized company with a progressive vision in fire- and evacuation safety for on- and offshore with 25 years of experience





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The process is called Trident, which has three simple levels:

The On-line cloud database, of the health and safety evacuation risk and compliance profile of the organisation. The Business Interface is a full searchable and relational database built automatically from the relevant documents uploaded into the Document Management System. From the Business Interface you search, copy, print or even forward documents, assessments and actions plans.

The Document Management System is a fully interactive and secure online document management system. It allows for storage, updating and retrieval of all documents and forms related to the management of health and safety evacuation. Free phone app ‘DirectMii’ which has embedded emergency evacuation system (Evacu8me).

Safety-Key’s ‘One stop shop’ is a single point of research archive that enables searches to be made for health and safety documents, templates, best practice examples and access to our on-line training (e-learning)

Safety Key is an international voluntary safe-safety-label for tourism and workplace facilities that promotes  the access, and help to close the accessibility gap. It aims to contribute to the prevention of information by awarding and advocating facilities with positive tourism and workplace accessebility initiatives.

Safety Key is a non-governmental, independent programme. It is recognised and supported by the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), World Tourism Organization(UNWTO), World Hospital Fedaration (WHF) and Pantou (Accessible Tourism Directory), ISO, IMO and EEG.


Safety Key aims to

 raise the awareness of for all the people realted evacuation staff and clients,

 increase the use of sustainable methods of operation and technology,

 the use of people related safe and safety communication, - uniformity and – standardisation together with the local businesses, and thereby; we have to work for better Heath and Safety on the working place and all the direct and indirect tourism facilities.


Safety Key began in the Netherlands in 1989 and hope to will adopted by an UK federation in 2016 to become the first international people related Safety Programme. It is hoped to grow and to spread in 2016 to more than 10 countries and continues to grow in numbers and spread across the world.


Tourism facilities awarded a Safety Key adhere to international Safety Key criteria. The criteria have been designed the the accessibility for information started with booking and directing to be easily understood by all types of tourists, feasible for the tourism industry, and clearly verifiable through (ISO) control checks.

International criteria reflect the various fields of tourism facilities (hotels, Cruise vessels, Inland passengers vessels, hostels, conference centres, tourist attractions) and specialised national criteria reflect each country’s legislation, infrastructure and culture.

The criteria focus on liability, the use of a Lifetime Q Safety Management System, technical demands, and initiatives for the involvement of guests by the use as directmii and evacu8me app, the communication of the staff and the role instated a evacuation.

Some of the categories covered are: Fire and Safety Plans, Escape plan, training and education, , Involvement and Awareness of Guests, Safe and Safety Management, Staff Involvement, complain with Green Key, WTO, ENAT safety regulations.

Risk Analyses

Safety Key programme rests on five pillars:

 Education of owners, staff for the reason to fulfil the needs of access and accessibility and his liability, what have you done…. ;

 Booking, and the accessibility to your buildings.

 Economical management by the reduction of costs

 Marketing strategy by the promotion of the Safety Key label and the establishments using the Safety Key icon;

 Strengthening of the tourism and leisure sector by taking responsibility broader than then their individual establishments.

Safety Key:

Dit is een door Safe Escape Concepts  ontwikkelde maatregelen om de veilig en veiligheid van alle gasten met en zonder beperking te waarborgen. Dit is bedacht op basis van Green Key.  Het is een communicatie middel om bedrijven een bepaalde onderscheidt te geven in de markt waarin zei opereren. De mate van invulling ten aanzien van Toerism for all is hier mede bepalend in. Brons, zilver, goud. Hieronder vallen ook zalen als het waarborgen van de veiligheid, heeft diegene zaken op papier staan, proces en procedures. Een bedrijfshulpverlening risico inventarisatie, e-learning, jaarlijkse inspectie.etc.